Film Composer Statement

A love of film scoring lives deeply in my consciousness.  

When composing scores for film, television and games, and whenever it is pragmatically possible, I try to use acoustic/electric analog instruments – either exclusively, or alongside more typical contemporary film composer tools. My collection of vintage keyboards, odd instruments, esoteric effects, and modular synths frequently make for unique starting points or add-ons to more familiar film score sounds. Whichever way a project goes, when I become involved in composing bespoke music, it is always my goal to create an end result that is honest, well-crafted, and emotionally resonant.

Latest Music

Film Cues

Bret Higgins

Please enjoy these film cues. Some were pitched and unused, and some are directions waiting to be explored. I put these up as an ongoing offering of my interest and possible sonic palettes for future films. Happy listening! (all music composed by Bret Higgins (SOCAN))

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