HBO and Spitfire Audio Composition Project (2020)

A very cool action scene I scored as part of Spitfire Audio and HBO's composer contest. Chase-action scene from Westworld Season 3.

Astronaut (2019)

A beautiful film 'Astronaut', that I got to work on featuring Richard Dreyfuss.  Original music by Virginia Kilbertus.

Transatlantic Flight - Leif Vollebekk (2019)

Noah - Mike Janzen (2019)

Atlas Revolt (2019) - Guelph Jazz Festival

Breakup - Megan Bonnell (2019)

The Talking Wind - Great Lake Swimmers (2018

Broken Hearted Avenue - Megan Bonnell (2016)

Atlas Revolt - Atlas Revolt (2015)

Vorticism - Bret Higgins' Atlas Revolt (2015)

CBC First Play - Great Lake Swimmers (2015)