2023 Commercial Project

Had a blast creating a series of promo musical stings/bumpers to this fun animation for the Canadian Film Festival.  This one was my favourite, created in a 40's Hot Club Django Reinhardt style. Animation created by Asli Alin 

Client: Canadian Film Festival (2023) 

2022 Film Score Projects

2022 was a busy year for me composing and contributing music for film and media projects.  Short films 'Entropic', 'Once A Millennium', 'Tadpole'; plus, adding upright bass on Steph Copeland's score for 'Designing Christmas' were absolute highlights.  


2022 New Music Releases

Some 2022 new record releases that I've contributed upright bass on: beautiful new full length records from Jadea Kelly, Fortunate Ones, and Basset.  Plus an incredible new live record from Lief Vollebekk. Enjoy!

2021 Film Music Projects

Another very cool short film by Cynthia Crofoot, directed by Jim Morrison, and musical co-composed music score with Jamie Ruben.  Some exciting news coming soon about this one!  Links to the project on the photos.


Film Project New York City 1911 - Before the War

In anticipation of an upcoming project, I took a little time to explore and get to know some new tools in my studio (and some old ones), and to attempt some different approaches to writing for film; mostly as a personal pitch/micro-study. A while back this century old film footage of New York City fell into my lap and I thought to try a somewhat contemporary approach to scoring it, while still (hopefully!) retaining a flavour of nostalgia. I hope you enjoy it! I am going to definitly do more of these. Video is 1m 25 sec

Toronto Film Critics Association Awards

2021 Film Music Projects

Bread Will Walk

HBO Filmscore

New Releases

Leif Vollebekk Performance

Atlas Revolt at 2019 Guelph Jazz Festival

New Single 'Breakup' from Megan Bonnell

Jadea Kelly 'EP'

New Atlas Revolt Release!!